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„Atomiccleaner3″- universalus įrankis, kurio pagalba galėsite pašalinti visas OS susidariusias šiukšles, laikinuosius failus bei naršyklių istoriją ir „sausainėlius“. Viską ką norėsite pašalinti pažymėsite varnele.


Scan your computer for unnecessary files and delete them with just a few mouse clicks, aided by this straightforward and easy-to-use application

No matter how much you try to avoid it, it is almost impossible to prevent web browsers, programs or games from storing junk files on your PC, and this data is often not removed even when the applications are uninstalled.

atomiccleaner3 is a handy utility that seeks to provide a solution to this issue, as it can perform a thorough scan of your computer’s storage and remove files that are taking up valuable disk space for no reason.

Novice-friendly application that can find and delete junk files

When you launch atomiccleaner3 for the first time, it scans your computer and, depending on the contents of your drives, creates a certain number of shortcuts for cleaning a specific category of items.

The application scans for installed web browsers, games or programs, and it can also find temporary data, logs, cache files and other such items stored in the Windows directory. Moreover, it is possible to add new locations to the scanning list manually.

Atsisiųsti ( 1.8 MB/ Windows OS )


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