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Zip Lock 2.0.8

Apsaugokite suarchyvintus .ZIP duomenis slaptažodžiu. English Secure your files with this tool. Zip Lock is a small, simple application specially designed to help you protect your files. Run your Zip file through this program and the output will be a jumbled mess that will only straighten out if you supply the proper password. It also… Skaityti toliau »

Lynx VirusScan 1.0.2

Programa padėsianti apsaugoti kompiuterį nuo kenkėjiškų programų. English: A simple virus scanning solution for your PC. Lynx VirusScan is a small, compact and easy to use application that will enable you to scan and remove malware components from your computer. Besides this, Lynx VirusScan can also fix your registry, recover drives and block unwanted websites.… Skaityti toliau »

Robo AntiVirus 2011 1.5

Nemokama antivirusinė padės Jums susitvarkyti su žinomiausiais virusais. English: Free antivirus and antispyware protection for your computer. Robo AntiVirus is a small antivirus solution that protects your files and your identity against the latest threats available on the internet. Once Robo AntiVirus detects a threat, will display an alert window and will give you options… Skaityti toliau »

Comodo AntiVirus 5.3.44816.1227

Efektyvi ir nemokama antivirusinė padės apsaugoti kompiuterį nuo virusų. English: Efficient antivirus that detects and destroys malware and viruses Computer viruses; We all dread them. Most of us even have a horror story or two about the damage they’ve done. Dozens of antivirus programs exist, with varying prices and different levels of effectiveness. Only this… Skaityti toliau »

Malware Eraser 1.2 Build 0.114

Nemokama programa ,kuri padės apsaugoti kompiuterį nuo kenkėjiškų programų. English: Detect and remove specific malware Malware Eraser is a handy utility designed to clean specific malware such as trojans, worms and other malicious threats that can damage your computer. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators… Skaityti toliau »


Ugniasienė, kuri padės Jums apsaugoti kompiuterį nuo interneto įsilaužėlių. English: Personal firewall and intrusion detection application The Internet has become the most popular and comfortable way to communicate and gather information. Nevertheless, a certain level of protection is needed, since there is plenty of malware on the Web waiting for a victim. Privatefirewall is an… Skaityti toliau »

Norton PC Checkup

Nemokama antivirusinė ir kompiuterio spartinančioji programa viename. English: Scan your PC to identify security, performance and system-related problems! Norton PC Checkup is a hassle-free diagnostic tool that will check your PC in order to identify performance, security and system-related problems. Over 200 elements of your PC are scanned each time, giving you a complete and… Skaityti toliau »

Spybot – Search & Destroy 1.6.2

Spybot – Search & Destroy-šnipinėjimo modulių (adware ir spyware) aptikimo ir pašalinimo programa. Ji pašalina reklamas, kaupiančias įvairius duomenis, taip pat aptinka įvairius keylogerius ir kitas šnipinėjimo programas. Be to, saugiai išvalo veiklos pėdsakus PC ir internete, naršyklės istoriją, laikinąsias bylas, slapukus (cookies) ir kt. English: A powerful spyware detection and removal tool Spybot –… Skaityti toliau »