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Failų tvarkyklės.


Galinga failų tvarkyklė. English: Powerful file manager NexusFile is an application designed to be a powerful file manager for Windows. This program can be your new fast and powerful file manager as a replacement of Windows Explorer. You can manage files/folders fast and easily that you couldn’t do with a windows explorer. You can do… Skaityti toliau »


Sparti paieškos kompiuteryje programa, kuri suras failus NTFS kietųjų diskų skirsniuose be indeksavimo,tai reiškia nesulėtins Jūsų kompiuterio. English: Searches files on local NTFS drives without indexing. UltraSearch is a small utility designed to search files on your drives drives and to provide the results within just a few seconds. UltraSearch does not use a previously built index or… Skaityti toliau »

Personal Renamer

Pervardinkite norimus failus vienu metu keliais mygtuko paspaudimais. English: Rename files with this tool Personal Renamer was created as a powerful and useful batch file renamer that offers support for numbering and / or lettering files. The program can also monitor a directory and rename files automatically. You can now use this simple software to… Skaityti toliau »

wxCommander 1.10

Nauja dviejų langų failų tvarkytuvė. English: A new two-panel file manager wxCommander application is a new two-panel file manager. It comes with a few unique features (iso, a great text editor) and is built to last, created with the best software development tools available. wxCommander will compress (and browse and decompress) these archive formats: ·… Skaityti toliau »

Dup Scout 1.4.38

Tokių pačių failų kompiuteryje suradėjas. English: A fast and easy-to-use duplicate file finder utility DupScout is a straight forward application that allows you to detect and remove your duplicate files from your local disks or networked computers and NAS storage devices. DupScout provides multiple duplicates detection modes, numerous removal and cleanup actions, user-defined profiles and customizable GUI layouts. NOTE: Additional… Skaityti toliau »