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„ClickCharts“ – nedidelės programos dėka galėsite sukurti įvairių rūšių grafikus, diagramas, brėžinius ir juos išsaugoti PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG ar GIF formatu.


ClickCharts-Diagram-Flowchart-Software_1A handy, intuitive and easy-to-use application that can help you create various charts, diagrams or mindmaps and export them as images or PDFs

Flowcharts and diagrams are useful in designing, describing or analyzing complex processes and relationships. NCH Software’s solution provides users with a simple and intuitive way of creating and exporting such documents.

Easily create a variety of flowcharts, diagrams and mindmaps

The application can be used to create and edit a range of schematic process representations. When starting the program users can create a new document from one of the following templates: Data Flow Diagram, ER Diagram, Flowchart, Mind Map and UML Class Diagram. Predictably, choosing one of these templates creates a new, untitled document with some sample shapes, connectors and text.

These can help some people get started, but others would probably just find it easier to simply create a blank diagram and start from there. Documents can be saved as proprietary CCD files for later editing or exported to a variety of common formats such as PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG or GIF.

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