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„Crypter „- įrankis, skirtas užkoduoti/atkoduoti Jums svarbius failus ir juos apsaugoti slaptažodžiu. Pastaba: nepamirškite pagrindinio slaptažodžio ( angl. Master password), nes jo negalėsite atkurti.


crypter_3Keep your important files protected with absolutely no hassle by relying on this user-friendly and very efficient, little application

Nowadays, encrypting your most sensitive data is something that should be common practice for all users that want to make sure their privacy stays untouched in all those I-wish-it-never-happens-to-me situations.

Fortunately, there are tons of apps that can lend you a helping hand towards encrypting your data with ease, for example, Crypter.

In just a few words, Crypter is a modern and lightweight piece of software that proposes a slick and fast way to encrypt and decrypt files.

Easy-to-install app that works on all the key OSes

Before anything else, you should also know that Crypto is a cross-platform app which means that you can use it on all the major OSes out there, namely Windows, macOS and Linux.

The app can be deployed on your computer’s system within seconds, mainly thanks to its streamlined installation process, at the end of which, you will be prompted to set a master password for encryption.

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