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„PhotoToText9″- nemokama programa, kuri pavers Jūsų pasirinktą nuotrauką į tekstinius simbolius. Galėsite pasirinkti ne tik kokį šriftą naudoti nuotraukos pakeitimui, jos dydį bet ir fono spalvą. Pakoreguotą nuotrauką galėsite apsaugoti vandens ženklu ir išsaugoti JPG, PNG ar BMP formatu.


Effortlessly personalize your images with meaningful texts or messages or save your pictures as sketches using this software solution

The most appreciated gift is the personalized one since it reveals how much you actually care about the person you offer it to.

Then again, if you are not the artistic type who can design or build something from scratch, you can also rely on various software solutions, such as PhotoToText9, that can turn your images into ASCII creations that are bound to impress everyone.

Create text art using one of the provided methods

The application comes with a minimalistic GUI (graphic user interface) so that even novices, who have little to no experience working with software, can still make out its functions.

Basically, you need to start by choosing which mode you want to use for processing your graphic file, depending on the type of outcome you are aiming for, a colored, black and white or a sketch.

On a side note, the Add watermark can be misleading, especially since it adds the signature of the developer. It would have been useful if you could add your own mark as it can make your message or custom gift even more meaningful.

Allows you to add your custom message to the picture

Due to PhotoToText9, you can navigate to the location of the image you are interested in, then effortlessly turn it into text art. The best part about it is that you get to paste or type the text you want to be included in the output file – this can come in especially handy if you want to send a message to the person you want to give the text to.

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