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„SoundSwitch“- programėlės pagalba galėsite sukurti sparčiųjų klavišų kombinaciją (angl. „HotKeys“) norėdami perjungti garso paleisties įrenginius (angl. „Playback Devices“).


SoundSwitch_1You can easily select your playback devices and switch from one to another using a custom hotkey combination, with the help of this tool

SoundSwitch is a small and simple Windows utility that facilitates switching between the playback devices connected to your system. The tool allows you to easily select the preferred sound card by pressing the specified hotkey combination.

Select the sound device you wish to use

All computers support several sound cards, or playback devices that it uses alternatively. You can switch between the available devices by accessing the system settings and manually selecting a different option. This menu is either available from Control Panel or by right-clicking on the sound icon in the system tray.

SoundSwitch brings a small, yet convenient system tweak, which allows you to change the playback device using a keyboard shortcut. It can come in handy especially for users who switch between the devices often and who wish for a quick way to do so.

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