SterJo Facebook Password Finder 1.2

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„SterJo Facebook Password Finder“ – nedidelė programėlė, kurios pagalba galėsite atkurti Facebook slaptažodžius iš interneto naršyklių (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox ir kt.).


SterJo-Facebook-Password-Finder_1Quickly recover Facebook login credentials stored by various Internet browsers on your system, with the help of this simple application

SterJo Facebook Password Finder is an intuitive program that allows you to view all the Facebook passwords that were saved on your computer, in various browsers. The tool can automatically detect the locations in which the passwords are saved and retrieve the data in its interface.

Recover saved and lost passwords

SterJo Facebook Password Finder is a simple tool designed to help you recover Facebook login credentials. Many browsers feature the option to save your username and password, so you can easily login the next time you use a particular service. It is easy to forget your password, especially when you know that you do not need to enter it every time you wish to login to an account.

However, if other users login to Facebook from your computer or if the browser cache is lost, you can easily recover the passwords with SterJo Facebook Password Finder. The program can only find credentials that were previously saved.

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