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Task Manager DeLuxe

„Task manager Deluxe“ – įrankis skirtas stebėti OS procesus, servisus, tinklo, CPU ar atminties apkrovą ir paleisties programas (angl. Autorun) bei pasirinktas išjungti. English: Lists all running processes, startup items, active services found on your system, and environment data, enabling you to manage them all with ease Lists all running processes, startup items, active services… Skaityti toliau »

StartEd Lite

Programa skirta stebėti kompiuteryje veikiančius procesorius. English: A Windows utility that helps you control of your computer’s startup procedure StartEd Lite is a handy tool that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of administering your startup programs and services. StartEd Lite recognizes obsolete or memory-hogging startup programs, and lets you… Skaityti toliau »