ATnotes 9.5

pagal | 2011 11 17

Dabar daug kas naudojasi geltonais rašteliais lipukais, kur greit parašai ką nors, kad nepamirštum, ir priklijuoji matomoj vietoj. Tu irgi naudoji? Tai šita programėlė kaip tik tau. Monitoriaus ekrane gali pridėliot kiek tik nori raštelių, o juos nutrynus nelieka klijų :) Taip pat ši programėlė labai gerai moka ką nors priminti, tiesiog nustatai datą ir viskas. Dar viena galimybė, kai kompiuteris yra pajungtas į tinklą. Gali nusiųsti raštelį kaimynui į kompiuterį, kad nepamirštų ko nors, arba pats gauti raštelį.


ATnotes is a program which creates Post-it like notes on the Windows desktop

ATnotes is a software program which creates Post-it like notes on the Windows desktop.

The user interface is provided through an icon in the taskbar Notes are fully customizable in fonts, colors, sizes and in many other aspects of appearance (e.g., text color and border color for each note, each setup appearance can be saved as a profile to be restored quickly).

Each note can have a single or repeated alarms, with visual and audio alarm signal. Notes can be hidden until manually activated or until a specified date/time.

You can minimize notes to the first line of text and restore the note size to fit the whole text. It supports opening URLs, e-mail adresses and file shortcuts in notes with the associated program.

An overview of all current notes in the note list is provided, with the features of note searching, folder organizing of notes. There is Hotkey support for important functions. The program also support note sending, to other computers in a local network.


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