Complete Calc 1.2.5

pagal | 2012 09 28

Reikia suskaičiuoti ilgą matematinį veiksmą, tačiau į skaičiuotuvą netelpa skaitmenys? Tokiu atveju yra išeitis. Atsisiuntus šį skaičiuotuvą  galėsite skaičiuoti ilgus matematinius veiksmus. Taip pat šiame skaičiuotuve yra temperatūros konverteris. Galėsit konvertuoti iš farenheito į celsijų ir atvikščiai.

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0


A small program that can be used to calculate long mathematical problems.

Complete Calc is a small program that can be used to calculate long mathematical problems. Typically when you use a calculator you enter several values in, right? Well, what happens when you forget what you last entered? That’s right, you start all over again, wasting a lot of your valuable time. It has a familiar interface and size, in fact it looks almost identical to the one that comes with windows.

Complete Calc keeps a record of what you have entered and the order of operations with no problem. How would you like not having to think about how to enter the problem in and what you entered in so far, stop worrying, instead use Complete Calc and forget about it.

Complete Calc’s main interface is clean and easy to understand. There isn’t much to clutter your view so you can see the maximum number of problems. If you need more room just maximize the window and the log window expands to the entire screen.

Here are some key features of „Complete Calc“:

· Order of operations
· Square root and 1/x
· Send to notepad for edits and printing
· Insert last problem or answer
· Change display color
· Completely free Small mode
· View prior problems
· Full screen ability
· Extensive keyboard commands


· Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

What’s New in This Release:

· Removed loading splitter control spacing fixes loading crash
· Added = to continue last problem
· New version checking taking advantage of DL Monitor
· Removed custom tab on converter page




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Complete Calc 1.2.5, 8.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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