Efficient Diary 3.60 Build 352

pagal | 2013 10 21

Su „Efficient Diary“ programa galėsite rašyti savo dienoraštį ir jį tvarkyti pagal savo norus. Įrašus galėsite ne tik sugrupuoti, bet ir greitai juos rasti. Ši programa gali būti puiki alternatyva rašantiems dienoraštį į sąsiuvinį ar knygą.


Easy-to-use and powerful digital diary software package

A long time has passed since people all over the world used to write down their most private thoughts in the pages of a diary. Nowadays, apps like Efficient Diary have taken the place of this century-old tradition.

The program comes with a nice interface that lets you view all the entries created recently.

The diary entries can be created with the help of a text editor. This enables you to choose the font name, color and size, pick an emphasis option (bold, italic, underline) and set the text alignment. Bullet point and numbered lists, as well as tables can be included in the text. Pictures and attachments are easy to add to any diary entry.

Furthermore, you can choose one of the weather conditions available (cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny, rainy and snowy) and one of the available moods, such as happy, sad, doubt, sigh, idea and love.

The program comes with a “Search” tool that enables you to filter through all the diary entries. Thus, you can look for a certain word in the title, content brief, categories and diary entry content. Additionally, a time filter can be set up in order to increase the chances you locate the file.

All the files are safe from prying eyes, as the app lets you set up a password when you first launch the program. Without providing the correct string of keys, access is denied.

All in all, Efficient Diary is an interesting app that can be quite useful. Inexperienced users should be able to quickly figure out how to work with this software, thanks to its intuitive layout.

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