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pagal | 2020 01 29

„Language Translator“ – teksto vertimo įrankis pasitelkiant  Yandex.Translate paslaugą. Įrankis palaiko daugiau nei 60 kalbų.


Translate unknown words or phrases into your native language on the fly, and listen to the correct pronunciation to exercise your speaking skills

With the help of Language Translator, you can seamlessly translate words, expressions, sentences or complete text documents between various languages on the fly.

Modern UI translation tool for mobile, touch-supported devices

It’s powered by Yandex.Translate, offers support for over 60 languages, and features a text-to-speech tool, so you can find out how words are pronounced in foreign languages.

Specially made for desktops, laptops, tablets and notebooks running Windows 10, 8 and 8.1, the application is wrapped in a Modern UI and optimized for mobile devices with touch support.

Translate text on the fly

Therefore, it’s ideally used when going to a foreign country on business or vacation, since you can quickly check unknown words. It can be downloaded and installed with little effort from the Windows Store, thanks to the fact that it’s signed by Microsoft as far as security goes.

The interface adopts a dark theme with a straightforward, approachable layout. The top box that occupies half the widow turns white when selecting it. In this area, you can type or paste the text you want to translate.

Select the source and destination language

Next, you can specify the input and output language (there is no autodetect feature), then click the Translate button. The text is translated rapidly and displayed on the bottom part of the window.

There is no visible button for copying it to the Clipboard or saving it to file, but you can select the text using your mouse and right-click to select the Copy entry from the context menu.

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