RealShow 1.6.0

pagal | 2011 03 09

Su šia nemokama programa konvertuosite iš skaidres į video medžiagos formatą.


Bringing your PowerPoint slides into life!

RealShow will convert slides to video format with the presenter’s actual presence and audio-visaul guidance which can be shown in any media player. Users will not even need to install PowerPoint on their computers in order to be able to access the presentation. You can easily make presentation available via the Internet or even upload video to YouTube and blogs.

RealShow was designed to help education and business presenters apply principles for the design of multimedia materials and human cognitive processing in delivering their PowerPoint slides.

RealShow takes advantage of the dual-channel structure of the human information processing system by means of text, pictures and audio. It can promote active cognitive processing by allowing the presenter to guide the processes of selecting, organizing, and integrating information. The presenter can elaborate and expand verbally and visually on their slides and help the audience to understand the whole concept, and not just the key points.

RealShow offers more than slides because it gives visual aids and fosters human contact between the presenter and the audience. The presenter can clearly identify the main points and communicate in a way that will have the desired impact on the audience through texts, illustrations, slides, and visual presence of the presenter.

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