Student DOG organizer 2.0

pagal | 2012 02 13

Šis įrankis naudingas mokiniams. Ši programa padės jums orientuotis savo pamokų laike. Į šią programą galėsite susirašyti savo pamokas, įsirašyti pamokų laiką. Sužinosite kiek liko iki sekančios pamokos. Kada bus skambutis pailsėti ir daug kitų naudingų įrankių rasite šioje programoje.


A useful school organizer

Student DOG organizer provides an overview over all school and non-school activities and it becomes indispensable helper in active people’s lives. Student DOG is designed for using in school. It is quick, clean and user friendly.

With the help of Student DOG organizer you’ll be able to easily manage all your tasks and contacts.

Here are some key features of „Student DOG organizer“:

· Day overview – Date, database state, clock (analog/digital). If you go to school with laptop, you will appreciate „In-school“ mode, which will determinate upcoming lesson, when it ends and what lesson is next. It uses system time and timetable.

· Contacts – Controlls all your important contacts. It can import contacts from MS Outlook and functions like age counting, automatic determination of name day or reminding of birthdays and name days are not missing.

· Calendar – Here you can record all you school and non-school activities. Every record can be marked with different icon (phone, book, person…), you can also choose if you want to enter time and if record should occurs more than once (weekly, monthly etc.)

· Tasks – Classic checking tasks which can be stored in user defined categories (Homeworks, Shopping list, Downloads, Borrows etc.)

· Marks – Virtual student sheet which automatically counts averages/sums of your marks. It’s a table of subjects and every subject can contain marks. Subject list can be modified so it fits to all kinds of schools. It supports Marks (ABCDF, 1-5, 1-6), Percents and Points.

· Notes – This category keeps all your important texts, notes from speeches and ideas in one place. It supports inserting WWW links and images and you can choose different editors.

· Time table – Your time table. If „In-school“ mode is on, here’s the place from where program determinates information in Overview. It supports 2 time tables for even/odd weeks (on/off) and lesson times are changeable.

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