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pagal | 2018 04 24

Norėdami apskaičiuoti vieną ar kitą reikšmę, turbūt visi esame naudoję Windows OS esančią skaičiuoklę, tačiau ji labiau buvo skirta ypač paprastiems skaičiavimams. Šis skaičiuotuvas turi panašią išvaizdą, tačiau funkcijų gausa jos nė nesulyginsi su pirmtake. Galėsite suskaičiuoti COS, TAN, SIN funkcijas, laipsnius, radianus ir kt. Išmėginkite dabar!


Windows7-Calculator_1Equipped with a large variety of methods to help you out with numbers, this powerful application can aid you both with home and business activities

Since the computer provides aid in various fields of activity, it can host powerful and simple tools to get you out of sticky situations, such as a calculator.

As compared to its predecessors, the Windows7 Calculator is a much more powerful application, providing several other tools besides the one for basic math operations.

Powerful tool wrapped in a friendly package

With a very user-friendly interface and highlighted numbers for those who can’t get along with the keyboard numpad, Windows7 Calculator provides four different modes that can be activated either from a dedicated menu or quicker using the keyboard shortcuts.

Windows7 Calculator can be used in standard mode, scientific, programmer or statistics, each with its very own extras and useful features.

Beside these useful modes, Windows7 Calculator hides some other utilities under the “Options” menu where you can find a date calculator utility, multiple templates and a unit conversion utility.

Suitable for home and business activities

While the date calculator allows you to find out the duration between two periods or add / subtract a period of time, the templates section lends you a hand when trying to calculate gas mileage, as well as lease, mortgage and wage estimation.

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