OSFMount 1.5.1015

pagal | 2014 02 08

„OSFMount “ programa sukurs virtualų diskų įrenginį ant kurio galėsite uždėti norimą kompaktinio disko atvaizdą ( pvz .ISO, IMG, AFF, AFM, AFD, E01 ar S0 ). Kiekvienam sukurtam virtualiam įrenginiui galėsite pasirinkti kokią sisteminę raidę norite jam priskirti.


A simple-to-use software program that allows you to mount as many virtual disks are you want

OSFMount allows the analysis of disk images with OSForensics. OSFMount can be used to mount local dd image files that are bit for bit copies of a disk. Analysis of the image file is then possible with PassMark OSForensics by using the mounted volume drive letter. By default, the image files are mounted as read only so that the original image files are not altered.

OSFMount supports RAM disks, basically a disk mounted into RAM. This generally has a large speed benefit over using a hard disk. As such this is useful with applications requiring high speed disk access, such a database applications, games (such as game cache files) and browsers (cache files). A second benefit is security, as the disk contents are not stored on a physical hard disk (but rather in RAM) and on system shutdown the disk contents are lost.

OSFMount supports mounting CD iso images, which can be useful when a particular CD is used often and the speed of access is important.

Give OSFMount a try to see how easy it can be to load and manage several disk images!

Atsisiųsti (1.9 MB / Windows OS)



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OSFMount 1.5.1015, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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