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pagal | 2011 07 29

Programa tiems, kurie nuolatos „užkiša“ kompiuterio kietąjį diską, bet neranda, kas suvalgo visą vietą. „Disk space“ virtualiai parodys, kokie duomenys užima daugiausia vietos.


Visualize your data to help free up needed disk space

Disk Space Finder helps to visualize your data that is taking up the most space on your computer.

This makes it a lot easier to delete anything you no longer need and free up disk space. Disk Space Finder scans your computer to find out all folders that take up the most disk space, and presents the results in a pie chart allowing you to drill down into the largest folders until you find data that can be removed.

It is designed to allow you to make the most gain in freeing up disk space in the shortest amount of time.

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