pagal | 2020 10 05

„KFK“ nemokama programa leis jums išskaidyti/sujungti bet kokį failą pasirinktomis dalimis ar dydžiu, ir juos įrašyti į kietąjį ar kompaktinį diską.


Split files into smaller parts, of preset or custom sizes, with this useful tool, that allows you to transfer large files to multiple CDs, DVDs or floppy disks

Storage space is no longer an issue, especially because of the flourishing online services that provide enough virtual bytes to meet any demand. Although rather rudimentary, file splitting can be used as a means of security, because content cannot be accessed unless all parts are available. In this regard, KFK comes with the right means to get this task done in a matter of seconds.

Split files according to custom specifications

All features are cleverly stored in a compact window, split into multiple tabs that allow quick access to the few, different utilities you can use. Upon selection, the rest of the space is filled with options, buttons, and text fields you need to fill in for the task to be successful. What’s more, each component is equipped with a short, helpful description so you know what needs to be done.

Atsisiųsti (3.6 MB/ Windows 7/8/ 10 )


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