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pagal | 2011 11 19

Alleycode yra greitas, gražios išvaidos ir apdojimus laimintis HTML redaktorius su unikaliomis savybėmis. Jeigu tu esi naujas HTML kalboje, Alleycode’o nuostabus mokymas praves pro pirmus kodavimo žingsnius.


An intuitive, robust and fully functional HTML editor

Alleycode HTML is an intuitive, robust and fully functional HTML editor. Alleycode introduces innovative features for rapid deployment such as Synchro View…Real time rendition with two way synchronized code/design view. Assignments…

For quick access to projects. Turf View… An unusual real estate view of your documents with fast right click control. CSS Wizard… A comprehensive Style Sheet Wizard which creates/updates either internal or external style sheets (CSS1 – CSS2). Optimizer… Helps you keep your meta content accurate and search engine friendly.

These features and many more sit atop a very fast and thoroughly tested HTML production engine with adjustable syntax highlighting and exhaustive Click’n’Insert HTM3.2 – 4.1, CSS and PHP function libraries. Alleycode is complete with strong Help Content including an excellent step by step Quick Start Tutorial.Alleycode HTML Editor is a free HTML editor with syncro view.

Here are some key features of „Alleycode HTML Editor“:

· Standard Windows functions such as cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, select all, clear all and wordwrap.
· Standard Windows and Alleycode keyboard shortcuts.
· Syntax Highlighting…Customizable syntax highlighting for HTML, XML and PHP.
· Multiple window display. Open and or work on several pages at the same time.
· Turf View… unusual real estate view of your project. Convenient if you a have a small screen. Turf gives you complete „right click“control over Alleycode.
· Synchro View… See live results with new, saved or unsaved documents. Synchro view displays two way synchronized code/design location (highlight code for design reciprocal or vice versa). Huge time saver for searching large files.
· Quick Edit… Right click enabled HTML tags for fast wizard supported updates. Covers all essential tags
· CSS wizard make styling a breeze. Create and maintain internal or external style sheets. CSS1 and CSS2 compliant.
· Table wizard… Makes it easy to create simple or complex tables. Includes background image, background color and border color options.
· Optimizer wizard… Intuitive meta content preparation for search engine spiders.
· Properties wizard… Background color and image, text and link color, margin spacing and document encoding.
· Preview in default browser. Optionally displays with IE, Netscape or Opera.
· Assignments… Easy access to active projects. Combine with „Display Directory Window“ on startup in „Preferences“ for one click access.
· Color picker… Inserts color in hexadecimal value.
· Anchor wizard… Link to other documents, email addresses or remote URLs.
· Image insert with preview… Alleycode has the ability to distinguish between new or saved (as well as modified) documents and creates a system path accordingly.
· Font wizard… HTML3.2 – 4.0 .
· Special character display…Click’n’Insert.
· Comprehensive frameset construction.
· Click’n’Insert Ordered and Unordered lists.. Add lines as needed.
· Ready made interactive forms… Click’n’Insert into your document and/or customize as needed.
· Form bar includes quick tags insert for all standard form layout (custom).
· Simple and functional PHP scripts to make your Web site interactive.
· Common PHP statements at the click of a button.
· Search and find feature.
· Full search and replace.
· FTP access… Optionally program your favorite FTP client to open with one click!
· Print your full page or print a selected portion of your open document only.
· Convert complete HTML document to upper/lower case HTML tags.
· Convert all text to upper/lower case.
· Convert selected text to upper/lower case.
· Comprehensive Help files includes our „Quick Start Tutorial“. We’ll show you how to build a (good) Web site in no time with clean HTML and CSS code.


· 16MB HD

If you would like to make a donation please click here and donate a minimum of $10.

What’s New in This Release:

· Cleaned up ‘hints’ on various speed buttons
· Removed ‘Div’ shortcut, clashed with Synchro View
· Added .aspx extension to HTML highlighter
· Released ctrl shift arrow to Windows default
· Updated PHP syntax
· Updated Help (desktop and online)
· Added delay-load for HHCTRL.OCX to counteract the ‘Windows Update error’ of April 2007. If you encounter further problems with HHCTRL.OCX, the Windows patch is available from support.
· Added seo.alleycode free web tools under ‘Tools’ l

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