bookTome 1.72

pagal | 2011 07 21


Programa skirta knygų kolekcijoms tvarkyti. Joje galėsime susirašyti visas turimas knygas, pastabas apie jas. pvz., ar ji nepaskolinta, kurioje lentynoje laikoma. Duomenis susirašysime patys, bet jei turime knygą užsienio kalba, informacijos galėsime parsisiųsti iš interneto.



A book management system for managing a personal book collection.

bookTome is a book management system which allows users to enter information about their book collection and then sort and search this information in a variety of different manners.

The main use for bookTome is to catalog and manage your library or personal book collection and it is suitable for collections of all sizes and types. bookTome can also be used as a tracker for books you plan to purchase in the future.

Here are some key features of „bookTome“:

· Add and edit books manually or using web services,
· Sort and organise your books by author, series, category, reading status or tags,
· Search your books with free-form text searching and links,
· Print out book lists, book information and wish lists,
· Keep track of books that you want to read with the wish list.

What’s New in This Release:

Bug Fixes and Changes:
Data Management Wizard – Various improvements to CSV importing, including:
· Column headers are no longer case sensitive,
· Invalid rows are now shown in red background rather than red font,
· Added a button to automatically remove entirely blank rows,
· Added a button to jump to the next invalid row,
· Leading and trailing blank spaces in all cells are now automatically removed,
· Fixed the editor not clearing when a new file is loaded,
· Minor other improvements to the Data Management Wizard.
Common Crashes – Fixed various commonly user reported crashes, including:
· Amazon Importing crashed when Amazon reported a blank Total Items value – now reports no results found correctly,
· Image loading throughout the program when the image being loaded was locked by Windows or another program – now skips the image and assigns a blank image where appropriate,
· Startup panel being defined incorrectly caused the program to not load correctly – now defaults to Browse…

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