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pagal | 2015 10 23

„Click it“- nedidelė programa, skirta automatiniam pelytės klavišo paspaudimui pasirinktoje darbalaukio vietoje nustatytu laiko intervalu. Programos nereikia įdiegti į kompiuterį.


Set your mouse pointer to automatically click a desired area a certain number of times by relying on this lightweight application

Working on a computer can greatly simplify your work by providing you with numerous useful functions that can be suitable for your needs.

However, sometimes working might involve repeating an action multiple times, for instance clicking a button every once in a while. Although it is possible to do so manually, you can also rely on third-party software, such as Click it!, if you want to save yourself the bother.

Portable application with minimalistic user interface

Since it is portable, this program does not require installation, thus allowing you to access its functions as soon as you launch it. Click it! comes with a plain user interface and no additional configuration menu, window or pane whatsoever.

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