Cookbook 2.6.13

pagal | 2020 04 27

Su „Cookbook“ programa turėkite visus savo receptus po ranka. Kurkite jiems kategorijas, įkelkite paveikslėlius ( JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP ar ICO formato) , o norimus galite lengvai atsispausdinti, tereikia programos lange paspausti „Print Recipe“.


Add and manage information about different recipe collections, such as ingredients, preparation time and steps, as well as insert pictures to best describe the process and print them out

The industry of cooking evolved slowly at first, but with each decade that passes, it expanded more and more.

There is a multitude of programs all over the Internet that offer various functions to make your cooking sessions much easier. 

Cookbook is one of these applications that provides a simple yet efficient method of creating and storing a wide variety of recipes, and in case you are a more conservative person, you can print them out.

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