Earth Alerts 2019.1.208

pagal | 2019 08 07
Earth alerts
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„Earth Alerts“ įrankis skirtas viso pasaulio orų stebėjimui. O apie pasaulyje įvykusius ekstremalius reiškinius ( tornadus, ugnikalnio įsiveržimus, gaisrus, žemės drebėjimus ir kt. ) gausite atskirus pranešimus.


View weather conditions for multiple global locations at the same time, and get notifications via the system tray when critical events are taking place

Earth Alerts is a resourceful piece of software that can keep you up-to-date with the current major weather events taking place anywhere in the world. It comes packed with several settings that should be easy to figure out.

Create a list with global and US locations to monitor

It is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface that does not put too much emphasis on looks. You can get started by specifying your global position in order to view details such as time zone, latitude, longitude and elevation, weather zone, and National Weather Service corresponding office (for US).

US locations can be either enabled or disabled, and it is possible to specify multiple entries whose weather conditions you want to monitor at once.

Examine a wide range of global and local weather details

Earth Alerts provides weather information pertaining to the current conditions and local forecast, satellite images, along with the latest news retrieved from Google News.

Furthermore, you can get a global overview on earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tropical cyclones, in addition to the severe weather, volcano, fire and landslide status reports in United States, as well as local weather and earthquake details.

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Earth alerts
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