Lava Leaf 3.1

pagal | 2015 05 08

Susikurkite per kelis žingsnius savo įdiegimo failą su „Lava Leaf“ programa. Sukūrimui įkelkite norimus failus, sukurkite savas naudojimosi sąlygas bei pasirinkite kokią dainą norite girdėti fone atidarius programą.


Create setup files by packing selected files in a standalone installer by using this portable software solution with a wizard-like GUI

When it comes to developing a custom software installer, most people rely on specialized applications meant to simplify this process as much as possible.

Lava Leaf is one such utility, featuring basic functions for those looking to quickly create setup files.

Portable app for building installers

The application does not require any installation, meaning that you can simply carry it on your removable flash drive and launch whenever you want to build installers without any hassle.

Lava Leaf is meant to be used mainly by beginners, and this is why the interface is organized in a wizard-like fashion, guiding users towards each step that needs to be completed in order to make sure the generated setup is valid.

Pack multiple files and add background music

The first step requires users to assign a title for their installer, then choose the files they want to include within it and paste or type the license text.

A nifty function provided by Lava Leaf is that music can be played in the background (only MP3 tracks are supported), until the extraction process is finished, thus making sure end-users are entertained before getting to enjoy the installed app.

Save the generated package to a chosen folder

The last step is to specify the destination folder where the output setup should be saved – it is recommended to create a new directory especially for this package, since multiple files are created and they might be hard to identify if stored in a folder where many other files already exist.

Once this step has been completed, users can launch the installer to make sure it matches their expectations – its appearance and icon cannot be customized, so one needs to be satisfied with the default look.

All in all, Lava Leaf is a handy software utility that can be used by all those who need a straightforward app for building setup files with as little effort as possible.

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