Mango 2.3.2

pagal | 2011 03 12

Su šia programa galėsite matyti medicininių mokslinių tyrimų nuotraukas.


View medical images with this tool.

Mango is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a viewer for medical research images.

This software offers an analysis tool and a user interface to navigate image volumes.

Here are some key features of „Mango“:

· Built-in support for DICOM, NIFTI, Analyze, and NEMA-DES formats
· Extensible: Supports plugin development using the Mango Plugin API
· Customizable: Create custom filters, color tables, file formats, and atlases
· Command-line integration: open and process images from the command-line
· Web: Create interactive images on a web page using the Mango applet
· ROI Editing: Threshold and component-based tools for painting and tracing ROIs
· Surface Rendering: Interactive surface models supporting cut planes and overlays
· Image Registration: Semi-automatic image coregistration and manual transform editing
· Image Stacking: Threshold and transparency-based image overlay stacking
· Analysis: Histogram, cross-section, time-series analysis, image and ROI statistics
· Processing: Kernel and rank filtering, arithmetic/logic image and ROI calculators

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