Mousotron 8.0

pagal | 2012 11 24

Turbūt kiekvienas pagalvojome kiek mes esame nuvažiavę kilometrų su pele ar kiek kartų paspaudėme pelės mygtukus. Tačiau visiems iškyla klausimas kaip tai sužinoti. Šios programos dėka Jūs tai sužinosite. Ji rodo kiek laiko judiname pelę, kokį atstumą su ja nuvažiavome. Be to rodys ir mygtukų paspaudimų skaičių.


This software utility eeps track of mouse and keyboard activity

Mousotron is a useful application which keeps track of how much you click or move your mouse. It’s like an odometer or tripometer for your mouse cursor.

Mousotron is basically just fun, but it can also be a very handy tool in RSI prevention (Repetitive Strain Injury) or the rehabilitation of it. You can also post your scores online automatically and compare with other users.

Here are some key features of „Mousotron“:

· Display number of keystrokes
· Display number of mouseclicks (left, right, middle and double)
· Scroll Wheel Support
· X and Y Coordinates
· Support for all types of mice and keyboards
· Support for all monitor sizes
· Multiple Languages : English, French, German and lots more
· Horizontal or vertical alignment of counters
· Runs on startup
· Easy Setup
· View distance in Metric system or English system
· Time logging and display in several modes
· Saves distance history
· configurable display options
· Animated background (turn on/off option)
· Upload your scores online
· Stay-on-Top optio

What’s New in This Release:

· Systemwide mouse and keyboard hook improved.
· Layout improvements.
· Logging and Debugging improved.

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