Only the Facts 2.6

pagal | 2012 02 01

Ši programa atsakys Jums į svarbiausius klausimus apie Dievą, religiją, pasaulio sukūrimą ir  Jėzaus iš Nazareto istoriją. Joje taip pat paaiškinama kaip žmonija gali būti saugojama visiems suprantamu formatu, bei galėsite palyginti savo išpažįstamą tikėjimą su tuo, kurį skleidė Dievas Biblijoje.


A multimedia, interactive adventure that explores how God saves mankind.

Only the Facts is an interactive application designed to tell you the story of Jesus in Nazareth. It explains how mankind can be saved in an easy to understand format.

This program uses Microsoft Accessibility options such as (text to speech), and a built in artificial intelligence, to compares what you believe today with what God tell us in the Bible.

It will analyze your understanding of the Bible, and direct you to a clear understanding of Gods Plan of Salvation for all mankind. V2.5 include a new menu for copying program to a CD-Rom or DVD, allowing user to make copies for friends as well as new Tools for creating CD/DVD labels.

You can copy this program and give it to your friends. Everyone is born, lives and then dies. If you leave this world and never find out why you were here, you have wasted your life. If you have ever wondered why you were created and what your future holds? This is your Adventure.

What’s New in This Release:

· Includes links for FaceBook (Like & Send Buttons) so you can link software to FaceBook Friends.
· Added; Global Media Outreach link, to help with questions.


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