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pagal | 2012 03 04

Įrankis, skirtas išplėsti „SANS“ duomenų analizės galimybes, kuriant naujus įrankius vartotojams.


SANS oriented system modeling and data analysis

SansView is tool designed to extend the SANS data analysis capabilities by developing new tools for users.

The DANSE/SANS group will  provide analysis functionality through three applications. Those applications will be incrementally developed throughout the life of the project. The computational functionality will be developed separately from the applications.

The following is a list of the main areas of development:
· Basic modeling
We will provide basic 1D and 2D models for SANS. Models for specific systems (like rods, spheres, core-shell cylinder) will be made available, in addition to system-independent models for standard fitting (like Guinier fitting) or magnetic analysis.
Status: 1D and 2D models for some systems are available.

· Simulation of real-space systems
We will provide functionality to simulate systems made of basic shapes arranged in real-space. The scattering intensity will be calculated for those systems, both for oriented systems (2D scattering intensity) and rotationally averaged systems (1D scattering intensity).
Status: 1D simulation available, 2D simulation in progress.

· Interface with community software
The IGOR platform is the SANS community standard for data analysis. DANSE will provide an interface to IGOR to facilitate the integration and use of the analysis functionality we are developing. This will allow early access to DANSE code will applications are being developed.

What’s New in This Release:

· Fixed displaying wrong values in PD/Angles when a simultaneous fit is used
· Fixed a problem in saving a model values as a txt file
· Batch Fitting included.
· More Graph modifications.
· More options for the fit weighting.
· The ‘Startup Setting’ in the View menu can remember the last data file folder.
· Added a Python (PyCrust) shell in the ‘Tool’ menu.
· Fixed a problem with displaying the fit results with the ParkMC FitEngine set.
· Updated the resolution computation for the gravitational effect and added TOF estimation capability.
· Known issue (MAC): Floating plot window size issue after resized and redrawn
· Known issue: Saved file will not remember the custom smear if set.

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