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pagal | 2012 10 15

Ši programa skirta mėgstantiems kurti filmukus, filmukų herojus, žaidimus, trimačius vaizdus. Ši galinga, bet nemokama trimačių vaizdų projektavimo programa. Ja galime kurti įvairius filmukus, žaidimus, įspūdingus trimačius projektus. Ją yra lengva naudotis net nieko nesuprantantiems apie programos ypatumus.


A fully-featured 3D authoring package that will let you model, texture, light, animate and render 3D content.

The TrueSpace application was designed to be a fully-featured 3D authoring package that will let you model, texture, light, animate and render 3D content. As well as traditional images and movies, you can also make 3D content for online shared spaces, and for Virtual Earth.

An entirely re-written X format exporter lets you save your trueSpace creations to load into game engines such as XNA to develop games. trueSpace also supports import from a wide variety of formats, letting you take existing objects and use them in Virtual Earth. This application was designed to help you easily  create 3D objects and scenes.

Here are some key features of „trueSpace“:

User Interface:
· New look and feel
· Tabs for Stack window
· Libraries, improved tooltips, better drag and drop, menu based export
· Universal Drag&Drop – libraries, workspace, desktop, e-mail HTML web
· Next generation libraries
· Role and context based editing
· User configurable Projects, Layouts, Panels, toolbars and widgets
· Link Editor
· Script Editor
· Panel Editor
· Real-time direct manipulation via 3D controls
· Advanced selection tools
· Draw Panel and Tri- Panel for 2D drawing
· Integrated visual asset libraries

· Booleans – real-time with construction history, and includes shell capability
· Vertex healing and welding
· Edge sweeps
· Sweeps with boolean functionality
· New Point Edit selections and selection manipulation (grow, shrink, invert, convert, and more)
· Soft Shape Paint, Soft Selection, Displacement Map paint
· Advanced Snapping and visual inference guides
· Polygon Draw on any surface
· Dynamic sweeps
· Selective SDS, SDS Weight Paint
· Mirror modeling
· Real time editing of 1M+ polygon objects
· Polygon Reduction (with Normal mapping)
· Edge and face loops
· Point editing and advanced sweeps
· Procedural Modeling
· Organic deformation
· Metaballs and Metamuscles (Model side)
· PlastiForm (Model side)
· NURBS Trim Curve extrusion, Capping and Curve projection (Model side)
· NURBS Sweeps, Rails, Lofts, Skinning, and Cross-sections (Model side)
· NURBS stitching, blending & cutting with trimming curves (Model side)
· Chamfers and Fillets (Model side)
· Radial, Grid, and Spline array tools (Model side)
· Bend, Taper, and Skew deform tools (Model side)
· Global and interactive replace (Model side)
· 3D primitives with Magic Ring control (Model side)
· Postscript import
· Real world dimensions
· Real World Units

· Significant UV Editor improvements to UI and functionality
· New real-time shaders (glass with refraction, subsurface scattering simulation, and more)
· Heal UV tool
· Material Editor, Works on multiple objects, Displacement Paint
· Workspace V-Ray / DX9 Material editor
· DX9 (SL2.0) pixel shaders and HLSL editing
· Procedural shaders editable in Link Editor
· Normal mapping
· Breaking and welding of vertices in a UV map
· UV projections
· Texture Baking (Model side)
· Light emitting objects
· Textured Area Lights
· Layered materials

· Real-time smooth shadows, with hardware-accelerated shadow filtering and Poisson filter
· Realistic transparency with Alpha shadows, mirrors, live video, environment reflection
· Lightworks 7.4 and VirtuaLight rendering engines included
· Real time DX9 based photorealistic engine
· HDRI (Lightworks)
· Caustics (VirtuaLight)
· Multi-pass Rendering with output to Photoshop layers (Lightworks)
· Hybrid radiosity (Lightworks)
· Non-linear tone mapping editor (Lightworks)
· Post process editor (Lightworks)
· Advanced shaders (color, reflectance, transparency, displacement, background, foreground, post processing)
· Curvature visualization shaders (Lightworks)
· Area rendering (Lightworks)
· Fog, motion blur, depth of field, lens flares (Lightworks)
· Adaptive anti-aliasing
· 8,000 x 8,000 pixel resolution
· Area, projector, sky, spot, local, and infinite lights
· Physically accurate, goniometric lights (Lightworks)

Character and Posing:
· Improved stability of skeletons
· Drag & Drop assembly of skeletons from body parts (arms, legs, etc) in limb library
· Full symmetry editing of skeleton
· Skeleton Draw and edit
· Editable Joint Limits
· Skinning with weight paint, envelopes
· Locks, IK handles and IK controls Rigs
· Support for Drag and drop of materials from library to hair
· Hair Tools with Hair brushes
· Dynapose – blended IK/FK
· Skeletons interact with physics
· BVH animations can be loaded and applied to skeletons

· Morphs to allow vertex animations with blending, e.g. for facial expressions and gestures
· Real-time cloth, which interacts with other objects via real-time physics
· Improved performance of real-time physics
· Objects with KF animation can interact with objects animated via simulation
· Full Undo/Redo on tracks and clips
· Animation clips can be stored into library, drag and drop of clips to workspace and Link Editor
· Story editor blending physics, procedural and key-framed clips
· Function curves with advanced controls and Bezier handles
· Dope Sheet, keying panel
· Seamless integration with character editor
· Key frame editor integrated with DX9 Player View for real time pre-visualisation
· Procedural animations integrated with physics simulation
· Next-generation Physics engine
· Non Linear Animation (NLA) through use of Clips
· Adhesion and breakable objects
· Clips handle deformations
· KeyFrame Editor with Function Curves
· Facial Animator (Model side)
· Animatable parameters for array tools and taper, bend, and skew tools (Model side)
· Local Physical environments (Model side)
· Particles system creates geometry and reacts to other objects (Model side)
· Vertex animation on polyhedra, NURBS and subdivision surfaces (Model side)
· Animated textures (Model side)
· Curve to Animation Path conversion (Model side)
· Sounds attached to objects for dynamic rendering of the audio track of a scene with Doppler shift and attenuation and Normalized Audio (Model side)
· Real time radiosity walkthrough (Model side)

Activities and Collaboration:
· Interactive Behaviors via Link Editor or Script editor
· Real time collaboration through robust collaborative server
· Real time avatars with user profiles

Software Architecture:
· Distributed message-passing kernel with network engine and support for upcoming massively parallel, multi-core processing CPUs and GPUs
· True command driven Undo with construction history
· Live bi-directional real time bridge with trueSpace6 tools

Import Formats:
· BVH animation and motion capture
· DXF format (full layer support) compatibility
· 2D formats: BMP, TGA, AVI, FLC, JPG, DIB, AI, PS, EPS, PNG, DDS

Export Formats:
· Direct export to Virtual Earth (workspace)
· Improved X format (workspace)
· BVH animation and motion capture
· 3D formats: SCN, COB, CAN, WRL 1.0 & 2.0, DXF, ASC, 3DS, STL
· 2D formats: BMP, TGA, AVI, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD


· Pentium 3 or equivalent AMD Athlon (Pentium4 or equivalent AMD Athlon recommended)
· 512 MB RAM (1 GB or more recommended)
· 460 MB free hard disk space
· 3D video card with at least 64MB of video memory (DirectX9, full Pixel Shader 2.0 support, and 128MB or more video memory highly recommended)


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