Crypt4Free 5.64

pagal | 2010 07 25

Nemokama failų ir elektroninio pašto apsaugojimo programa.


Files and email encryption software

Crypt4Free is a file encryption software with the ablity to encrypt files and text messages. Support for ZIP files and ability to secure delete sensitive files.

Skinnable user friendly interface. The latest version includes „Privacy Master“ tool to erase all personal traces on computer.

Crypt4Free uses two encryption algorithms to protect your files: Blowfish & DESX.

Here are some key features of „Crypt4Free“:

· Easy in use
· Skin support (1 skin in standard downloadable package)

Work with files:
· Crypt4Free encrypts every kind of file on every kind of medium, whether floppy disk, removable hard drive, zip drive, tape drive or other
· Full .ZIP support Crypt4Free can browse for existing .zip archives, extract its contents and even create new .zip archives!
· Built in files compression to reduce size in transmission

Secure communicating with others via Internet:
· Ability to send encrypted files and messages via Internet
· Ability to encrypt email text (or any other text message) to send it securely via e-mail, chat, or instant messengers like ICQ, AOL Messenger, Microsoft Messenger and etc. The recipent must enter the password to read this message.

Security Level:
· No „back door“ in the software – No access possible under any circumstances. If you do not remember the password you cannot access the encrypted contents. There is no special procedure, secret code, or hidden entry method to fall back on.
· Crypt4Free has user privacy tool removing all internet traces like URL history, typed URLs, Favorites, Recycle Bin, typed passwords in web forms and etc.
· Built in file shredder – i.e. wiping the contents of the original pre-encrypted file.


· Pentium 166 based IBM PC compatible computer (or higher)
· 32 Mb of free memory
· About 1900 Kb free disk space

What’s New in This Release:

· Fixed bug in the gui code – it truncated used password to 32 characters when using Blowfish 448 bit encryption & decryption.

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