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pagal | 2012 01 01

Antivirusinė programa, kuri nesulėtins kompiuterio darbo. Taip pat ji gali būti kaip papildoma apsaugininkė, nes „nesipjaus“ su kitomis antivirusinėmis programomis.


The next step in Anti-Malware protection

Immunet Protect gives you a fast, extra layer of protection that won’t slow down your PC. Compatible with existing antivirus.

Protect the people you care about by inviting your closest contacts to install Immunet and become a part of your community. People you invite who install Immunet Plus will appear in your „My Community“ screen and you will be able to see their protection status and know they are safe from viruses.

Here are some key features of „Immunet Protect“:

Fast Antivirus:
· Protection leverages the speed of cloud computing to deliver real-time protection to your PC. Stay protected against over 13 million viruses and thousands of new threats daily without ever downloading another virus detection file again. Simply stay connected to the Immunet Cloud to keep all virus detections up to date.

· Immunet Protect FREE is ideal for consumers who want fast protection that doesn’t slow down their PC, including students, families, and netbook users.

Small and Light:
· Footprint is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions. Immunet’s low disk and memory use won’t weigh down your PC unlike other solutions.

· Existing antivirus products take up between 100mb and 350mb of disk space, and Immunet is lighter than all of them with only 10mb of hard disk space required.

· Protection allows you to give protection to your friends for FREE. Immunet Protect is the first antivirus application created to protect your community and social network. Easily add people to the Immunet Community and view their protection status online.

Real-time Detection:
· Real-time Detection from the Immunet Cloud against viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and keyloggers without downloading any virus signature files. Stay protected with Collective Immunity and intelligent virus detection technology that doesn’t slow down your PC.

Companion Antivirus:
· Companion Antivirus means that Immunet is compatible with existing antivirus solutions. Immunet adds an extra, lightweight layer of protection for greater peace of mind. Since traditional antivirus solutions detect on average only 50% of online threats, most users are underprotected, which is why every PC can benefit from Immunet’s essential layer of security.

Strength in Numbers:
· Collective Immunity technology leverages the shared intelligence on threats gathered within the Immunet Cloud. Immunet’s virus detection technology continuously improves with each new user who installs Immunet Protect. When Immunet detects a threat on one user’s PC, that threat is blocked from harming all users in the Immunet Community simultaneously, giving all Immunet users shared immunity against computer viruses.

Intelligent Scans:
· Intelligent Scans effectively detect and remove viruses, bots, worms, trojans, keyloggers and spyware, thanks to the power of collective intelligence and the Immunet Cloud.
Choose from several scan options:
· Flash Scan (Process and Registry)
· Custom Scan (Specific Files and Directories)
· Full System Scan


· 300MHz or faster processor
· 256MB of RAM
· 10 MB of available hard disk space
· A working Internet connection
· Internet Explorer 7 or greater
· Firefox 3 or greater

What’s New in This Release:
· Fixed Immunet using high CPU usage and Disk IO after completing a full scans or installing a large application.
· A new „Send file metadata for analysis“ option has been added to the the Community Settings. This feature helps Immunet determine when applications have become infected by new types of previously unseen malware.
· Memory leak fixes for long running agents.
· IPtray (GUI) typo and crash fixes.
· Fixed a case where the Spero Engine could fail to initialize correctly.
· Fixed a bug where running on domains could cause Immunet to re-register with the Cloud.

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