NavyAntivirus 3.0.1

pagal | 2012 10 30

Turbūt populiariausias būdas apkrėsti kompiuterį virusais- naudojantis išorinėmis laikmenomis. Tačiau taip nenutiks jei turėsime įsidiegę apsaugininkę NavyAntivirus. Ji aptiks ir ištrins virusus iš Jūsų USB laikmenų. Deja, šia antivirusinė galėsite naudotis tik 30 dienų. Vėliau gamintojai siūlo nusipirkti jos licenziją.


USB Security System

NavyAntivirus is a small but handy USB virus protection tool that will scan and protect your files. Guards / protects from autorun infection (autorun.inf), provides 100% security from usb flash drives, pendrives protects your hard drive from infection. Provides immunity to your drives including removable drive.

Creating exe files with names of folder contained in the root of the USB Drives with the folder icon and also seeks for executable file virus having icons of file formats like MP3, AVI, DOC, JPG, GIF etc which when clicked attack the host computer.

Virus defined in changes the attribute of folders in root of drives to „System Hidden“ and copies itself to root and renames as the hidden folders with the icon of the folders. Navy Antivirus [USB Security System] detects such virus and ask user to remove and repairs the effect of such virus.

Two types of repair facilities are available there to remove repair the effect of virus from computer:
· General repair button removes the virus from computer system folders and removes its loading codes from the system registry and repairs general problems that user generally feel after the viral attack such as (deactivation of Task Manager in WInXP, removal of folder option from menu, blockage of right to access folder option, Task Manager, Regedit.exe
· Some viruses are very deadly, they themselves attack on computer in addition they infect system files on OS and make them also act as virus. The System Files also get infected. To Repair such problems System Repair Facility is available in Navy Antivirus [USB Security System]

Here are some key features of „NavyAntivirus“:

· Automated scanning of removable drives and cleansing of drives (virus free)
· Provides immunity to the Flash/Pen Drives from autorun.inf (information file that Windows loads at the time you insert the drives in USB Port, that contains the information to load the virus)
· The immunity also works when you insert the drive having immunity to some other computer
· It resists the virus in the computer to create the file „Autorun.inf“ in your computer
· Scans for all types of virus from USB Drives – Virus creating file having name of the parent folder with folder icon


· Minimum 128Mb RAM
· 10Mb of HardDrive Free Space
· User logon with administration right


· 30 days trial period
· Nag screen

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