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Webroot Desktop Firewall paslepia kompiuterio vardą ir IP adresą, padarydama Jus nematomus kitiems internete, tuo sumažina grėsmę buti užpultiems internetinių hakerių.

Stebi kokios programos jungiasi prie interneto ar siunčia iš ten duomenis ir blokuoja kenkėjiškus ar įtartinus procesus.

Nevargina nuolat iššokančiais langais dirbant internete. Programa isimena kokioms programos Jūs leidžiate jungtis prie interneto ar siųsti iš ten duomenis ir perspėja tik jei vyksta kas nors įtartino ar neįprasto.

Programa pilnai suderinta su Windows Vista operacine sistema.

Webroot Desktop Firewall labai lengva naudotis, nereikalauja daugybės sunkiai suprantamų nustatymų.


A gatekeeper to your PC that keeps your data IN and intruders OUT

Every Internet threat may be a ‘fire’ and poses a multitude of potential dangers to your privacy and PC protection. Webroot Desktop Firewall blocks these threats from harming your PC.

Webroot Desktop Firewall will act as a gatekeeper to your system:
Monitors which Internet traffic is allowed in and out
Hides your PC from online scammers looking for easy targets
Prevents remote access Trojans from hijacking your PC for malicious purposes

Internet threats are blending, morphing and emerging constantly. Anti-spyware and virus protection are only part of any security solution. A critical component to complete online security, Webroot Desktop Firewall secures your computer from Internet threats and reduces the risks of being a victim to crimes.

Stealth Mode Feature
Webroot Desktop Firewall lets you operate your computer operate in Stealth Mode, making your online presence invisible to Internet scammers looking for easy targets.

Email Protection
Mitigates the impact of attacks targeting your email client by tracking the normal volume and frequency of outbound emails. Webroot Desktop Firewall alerts you or blocks unacceptable deviations from normal email activity.

Advanced Packet Filtering
Features a layer-3 firewall which uses unique stateful packet inspection technology to detect and block unauthorized access to your system.

Malicious Process Blocking
Tracks all trusted processes and provides alerts when a potentially malicious process attempts to run. This makes Webroot Desktop Firewall a perfect compliment to the antivirus and antispyware protection found in Spy Sweeper and Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware for added protection.

System Anomaly Intelligence
Automatically develops a baseline profile of your normal PC usage based on system variables such as CPU utilization, thread count, and others. Normal application and system use patterns are monitored and alerts are generated as unusual activity is detected.

Port Monitoring and Blocking
Monitors all ports to prohibit unauthorized port scanning or any other type of system intrusion.

Custom Protection Profiles
Easily define and set different levels of protection depending on whether you are connected at home or on the road.

Lock down your PC
Experiencing unexplained computer activity? Use the Stop Traffic feature to immediately stop all traffic in and out of your PC, and protect your data until you can determine the cause.

File and Printer Sharing
Webroot Desktop Firewall lets you easily share your files and printers with other computers on your local area network without unnecessarily exposing your PC to online threats.

Comprehensive Internet Activity Log
If you think someone has attempted to access your PC, simply review the Internet activity log. You’ll know if a hacker or unknown programs has cracked your PC.

Note: During the installation process, you will be asked for a key code. You can retrieve the code by registering (FREE).


· 300 Mhz processor
· 100 MB hard drive space
· 8 MB RAM
· 256 MB RAM
· Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or FireFox 2.0 or higher for connecting to the Webroot web site.

What’s New in This Release:

· NEW! Automatic Network Detection
· Whether you are using your laptop at home, at the office, or on the go, Webroot Desktop Firewall automatically recognizes your Internet connection and sets the appropriate security settings
· NEW! Recognizes Trusted Programs
· Webroot Desktop Firewall reduces the number of false alarms by recognizing many known and trusted software programs and automatically allowing them Internet access. Additional programs can easily be added with a single click.
· NEW! Protection for the latest 64-bit Windows Vista� PCs
· Webroot Desktop Firewall is fully compatible with the advanced 64-bit Windows Vista� Service Pack 1 operating system. It provides superior protection to the basic security features found in Windows, and will not cause conflicts with those features.
· NEW! Enhanced protection against hackers
· Webroot Desktop Firewall is now even more effective at blocking hackers and intrusion attempts. The enhanced firewall technology recognizes and blocks even more t…

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