Caprine 2.7.1

pagal | 2017 10 05

„Caprine“ – tai Facebook bendravimo programa, leisianti komunikuoti ir dalintis įspūdžiais su draugais tiesiai iš darbalaukio.


Caprine_1Manage the conversations with your friends better and create groups on Facebook with users that share the same interest with this app

Regardless of whether it is the chatting, the possibility to catch up with former colleagues from college and old friends or the sharing of information, there are numerous reasons why millions of people are active on Facebook.

Caprine is a utility that enables you to instantly send and receive messages from your friends without you having to log in and keep a tab with Facebook opened in your browser.

Ensures instant access to all your friends and contacts

First off, it goes without saying that you cannot take advantage of the IM service unless you have or create a Facebook account. After you introduce your user and password, the application automatically displays a list with all your open conversations.

The interface is organized in 3 panels, where you can preview the list of friends and groups, the conversation log and more details about a certain user or category. As expected, the UI is very similar to the Facebook chat, meaning that it comes with the same fresh and stylish blue-and-white theme.

You can view, edit, close chats that you have with one of your friends or group conversations. Rest assured that if you want to start a new conversation, you can easily do that just as you would on Facebook.

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