BioniX Wallpaper 6.10.14

pagal | 2010 01 22

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Advanced desktop wallpaper cycler / wallpaper manager

Changing the screen wallpaper is as easy as right-clicking an image and choosing the ‘Set as desktop wallpaper’ option. Nonetheless, there are software solutions out there that bring new approaches to this action and BioniX Wallpaper is one of them.

The application has the ability to change the desktop background at a given interval, but in the same time, it can provide a set of other useful features to help you in this regard.

BioniX Wallpaper comes with a pretty simple interface that is more similar to that of an audio player as it gives you the option to create ‘playlists’ with the wallpapers you’re planning to use.

Plus, there are some control buttons to change the background on the go, as well as a shuffle option and an interval changer.

BioniX Wallpaper has a pretty rich settings menu that gives you access to all kinds of options, including the ones that let you customize the Active Desktop or the way you can control the app using its System Tray icon.

Plus, the folder lock feature automatically keeps an eye on a given folder and every time you insert new pictures in there, it also adds them into your BioniX Wallpaper playlist.

One of the things that make this application a top pick in this particular software category is the way it manages hardware resources. BioniX Wallpaper is impressively friendly with computer resources and it can safely run on older machines as well, without hampering performance at all.

To conclude, this software performs quite well and offers a good feature set that is suitable for both less experienced and advanced users as well.

Here are some key features of „BioniX Wallpaper Lite“:

· Lock on folder – Unique feature that allows BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer to monitor a folder and automatically update its playlist when pictures are added / deleted. No other wallpaper manager has this capability yet!
· Advanced Playlist Editor – BioniX Desktop Wallpaper offers the most advanced playlist editor ever seen
· Easy to use – User friendly interface: Winamp-like layout, skinable, full context-sensitive help, comprehensive help file.
· Skinable interface – over 125 skins available
· Keep your system garbage free – „Don’t change user’s system“ policy
· Damn small size – Download it in few seconds or take it on a floppy with you
· State of art resamplers that automatically resizes your wallpapers without losing quality
· Ingenious time editor – Set the time interval from one second to 60 day with only 2 mouse clicks
· Multiple thematic playlists – Create multiple thematic playlists (categories) and switch between them whenever you want to.
· Extreme playlists – Up to 500000 images can be loaded in each playlist!
· Build a playlist with one single click – Drag and drop files/folders to your playlist
· Playlist association – double click a playlist located anywhere in your computer
· Dual monitor support


· Some features are disabled (such as support for dual monitor)

What’s New in This Release:

· Improved ‘Rename wallpaper’ function Improvment
· Don’t let user modifiy the pllaylist if they are in Lock on folder mode Improvment
· Images with invalid file extension are now corectly detected Improvment
· Let user decide if the ‘ignored’ word is in file’s name or in its full path. Trick: put ‘.jpg’ in Ignore List to load all images except jpegs New feature
· Major improvments in the ‘Smart’ tab Improvment
· Small improvments in LCD screens Improvment
· Less aggressive message in Lite edition Improvment
· In ‘Smart’ tab some images were not correctly stretched Bug fixed
· Perfect tile – If an image needs to be tiled and the image height is pretty big BioniX will tile it only horizontally but not also vertically Big feature
· Added menu (in Tools) to allow access to Flicker Mass Downloader. Deliver the latest version of Flicker Mass Downloader with BioniX

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BioniX Wallpaper 6.10.14, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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