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pagal | 2017 05 11

„Express Menu“ – susikurkite savo personalizuotą meniu, kuriame galėsite susikelti dažniausiai naudojamas programas, tinklapius, katalogus ar trumpąsias nuorodas (angl. „Shortcuts“). Kad pasiekti savo mėgstamą turinį dar greičiau galėsite kiekvienai ikonai sukurti po greitąjį klavišą (angl. „HotKey“).


Express-Menu_1Create your own personal menu with favorite folders, programs or websites, by using this application that offers customization and hotkey easy access

When working with numerous applications and multiple folders, the folder tree expands considerably and, sooner or later, the Start menu will become overcrowded with shortcuts to users’ favorite apps. Express Menu will help users save the shortcuts to their preferred applications, folders or even websites, stored in a quick-access floating menu that can be enabled by using hotkeys.

Compact and lightweight menu that features a customizable item list

Express Menu will present users with a straightforward list interface that will contain all their favorite applications, folders or websites. When accessed, the menu will appear floating on whichever screen users find themselves at that moment, this way providing quick access.

Users are able to customize the list to their preferences and all they need to do is copy the shortcuts to their different apps and paste them in the Express Menu special folder. Express Menu will use those shortcuts and it will automatically load them in the items list.

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