Wallpaper Master 2.16

pagal | 2011 07 20

Pakeisk nuobodų kompiuterio darbalaukio paveiksliuką. Wallpaper master tereikės nurodyti aplanką su nuotraukomis, o programa pasirinktu laiko intervalu įkels kas į darbalaukį.


The program allows you to change your desktop wallpaper automatically every X minutes

Wallpaper Master is a easy to use and a highly customizable and wallpaper changer and manager.

Wallpaper Master will automatically change your background wallpaper with a large range of options, and is great for indexing large collections.

If you’re the kind of person that changes their wallpaper frequently then you’ll love this program. You can have this utility change your wallpaper at whatever interval you specify. It has a lot of features and it’s completely free!

Wallpaper Master – The must-have application for rotating wallpapers and keeping your desktop looking fresh everyday!
Wallpaper Master resizes images so well, you can barely tell its been resized at all.

Here are some key features of „Wallpaper Master“:

· Store multiple wallpaper lists as different categories/libraries.
· The ability to rate wallpaper, so better wallpapers are chosen more often.
· Customizable Global Hotkeys – Quickly change/clear the wallpaper with any key combo.
· Very high quality resizing of images to fit the screen optimally and keep their aspect ratio.
· Auto change the wallpaper when windows starts, every x minutes, or use the ratings to choose an interval.
· Change wallpaper in order, in shuffle mode, or randomly according to rating.
· Monitor a directory for any changes and update the wallpaper list.
· Automatically analyse the current wallpaper and choose a good corresponding desktop background colour.
· Analyse the wallpaper and automatically choose between Resize, Tile, Center or Stretch.
· Flip a wallpaper image horizontally so the interesting part of the image is on the right side of the screen and not covered by icons index up to 200,000 wallpaper files (5,000 per category)
·The ability to ‘rate’ wallpapers, and the ability to have multiple lists of wallpapers to organise your large collection.
· The rating feature is where you are able to choose how much you like each wallpaper. If a rating is high, then it is more likely to be shown than a less rated wallpaper
.The multiple lists means you can have a set of backgrounds for every occasion or mood.
· Another very useful feature is the image resizing with a very high quality filter. Normally, a stretched wallpaper does not look that good, so if you have a 1024*768 resolution desktop and you tried to use an 800*600 wallpaper, the outcome would look pretty bad.


· Processor: 400MHz
· Memory: 64MB

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