Blurry Video Clearer Free 1.1

pagal | 2014 09 23

Jeigu filmuojant vaizdo įrašas dėl prasto fokusavimo, apšvietimo ar kameros drebėjimo gavosi išblukęs, išmėginkite šį „Blurry Video Clearer Free“ įrankį, kuris padės sutvarkyti šią problemą. Programa taip pat padės sutvarkyti vaizdo įrašo šviesumą.


With Blurry Video Clearer Free you can correct the blurry image effect in videos, thus making them clearer. The image distortion can be caused by the recording device, low light conditions or wrong object focus.

Blurry Video Clearer Free is an intuitive application designed to clear away the blurring effect from your videos and create a clean image. The software allows you to modify certain brightness and chroma parameters, in order to obtain a sharper image with the correct level of luminosity. The software can reduce the image distortion generated by recording.

Video improvement tool

This easy to use software allows you to open several of the most common video files and adjust their imaging parameters. It is designed to repair the blurring effect caused by an off-scale recording process. This can mean that when the recording was made, the object was out of focus, the device was not calibrated, the light was low or simply, the device did not permit a higher-quality motion capturing.

Atsisiųsti ( 6.3 MB / Windows OS)

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