BorderMaker Portable 5.0

pagal | 2011 04 30

Su šia programa galėsite pridėti rėmelius ar vandens ženklus nuotraukoms.


Add watermarks and borders to your images

BorderMaker is a handy application designed to enable users to create borders, text and watermarks that can be placed on digital photos.

Add more than simple watermarks and borders to your pictures with the help of BorderMaker.

You can process a large numbers of photo’s and apply text, watermarks and borders. But some users use BorderMaker especially for conversion into a particular format. Others find BorderMaker useful for rotating all photographs in the right direction..

Here are some key features of „BorderMaker Portable“:

Resize photos in seconds:
· BorderMaker resizes a folder with photos (optionally including subfolders) with ease. You can quickly publish your photos online or upload them to photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa.

Frame photos:
· If you like frames around a painting why not put frames on your photos? Create your own frames/borders using BorderMaker!
· Your photos always look good with Bordermaker! The photos are resized and sharpened with advanced algorithms so they look perfect on the Web.

Text and Titles:
· Do you want your name, company name or copyright embedded on your photos? With BorderMaker you can easily place and position text on your photos. Technical data like shutter speed, aperture and ISO rating can be included in the photos.

Share your photos:
· Process your photos with BorderMaker and share them with anyone. BorderMaker can automatically upload your photos to an FTP location so you can quickly publish them online.

· Put your company logo, “ex libris” or any other image on your photo as a watermark in no time.

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