Debut Video Capture Software 1.50

pagal | 2011 02 04

Įrašinėkite bet kokį vaizdą iš ekrano, video kameros, darbalaukio ar video įrenginių su šita programa.


Record from your screen, desktop, web cam, video devices and audio

Debut Video Capture Software is a simple, easy-to-use video recorder that lets you capture video files directly from your PC using a webcam or other input source.

Record video from a web cam, video capture device, desktop or portion of your screen and save to avi, flv, wmv and more. Capture snapshots of a video and save them to jpg. Adjust framerates, brightness, contrast and add text and captions.

Email movies automatically when recordings has stopped or send via FTP. Set it to record for specific periods of time. Record computer games, how to demonstrations, video messages and more

Here are some key features of „Debut Video Capture Software“:

· Capture video directly to your hard drive.
· Record video in many different file formats including .avi, .wmv, .flv, .asf .mpg, .3gp, .mp4, .mov and more.
· Record from your webcam, screen or video input device (eg. VHS recorder).
· Record almost anything – anything you can see on your monitor can be recorded.
· Record video and audio simultaneously.
· Create photo snap-shots at any time.
· Add your own text captions or time stamp your video.
· Change colour settings and video effects before recording.
· Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for capture.
· Ability to burn directly to DVD with Express Burn DVD Recorder.

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