PictureGirdle 3.0

pagal | 2011 10 06

Ne pilnus 50KB užimanti programa, kurios pagalba galėsite keisti nuotraukų dydį ir formatą.


Resize and resample images easily

No more stumbling through complex graphics programs just to resize your images. PictureGirdle is a handy and reliable utility designed to make the task of resizing and resampling photos as easy as dragging and dropping. It also has the ability to convert jpg, bmp, gif, png and tif images into any of these formats.

With the new Heads Up display, it’s easy to compare the quality of the modified image with the original. Placing the mouse over the Before or After widows pops up the display, giving an extreme zoomed view that tracks with the mouse.

The image on the right show’s minor loss when compared to the original or the left. But the zoom is extreme in order to show a difference. At normal view, any difference is not noticible in most cases.

Here are some key features of „PictureGirdle“:

· Batch Processing: Set the output options, choose a group of images and let her rip. PictureGirdle will resize them all.
· Image Converting: Convert images from and to jpg, png, gif, tif and bmp.
· Fast: Configure up to eight threads to really speed up processing. The number of threads set, is the number of images PictureGirdle will simultaniously process. Two threads per CPU or Core is recommended.
· High Quality.
· Drag and Drop: images can be selected in the conventional with the „Open“ button or they can be automatically processed by dragging and dropping them onto the Open button (single and multiple images).
· No Install: PictureGirdle requres no installation and can even be ran from a thumb drive.
· Small: The exe is about 80k, but don’t let the size full you.

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