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WIA- loader

„WIA-Loader“ – šio įrankio pagalba galėsite peržiūrėti, perkelti į kietąjį diską/FTP serverį, sugrupuoti pagal pasirinktus kriterijus savo nuotraukas iš fotoaparato ar skenerio. Vienu metu galėsite pasirinktas nuotraukas iš kart paversti norimu kampu, sumažinti/padidinti, sukurti HTML galeriją, uždėti geografinę žymą ar paversti į DNG ( Adobe Digital Negative Raw Image) formatu.


An accessible application that allows you to easily transfer images from your digital camera to your computer in just a few steps

WIA-Loader is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software developed to offer you the means of moving your photos from your digital camera or memory cards to your computer, allowing you to organize your collection or automatically rotate the skewed ones.

Simple and approachable appearance

Subsequent to a brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the application and start working with it right away, as it requires a limited level of prior knowledge in order to handle.

The basic yet straight-forward two-panel interface helps you quickly get the hang of using WIA-Loader, enabling you to view the source files along with their corresponding path.

Swiftly create your work profile and import, rotate or scale our pictures in just a few moves

For starters, you will need to create a profile in which you can add all the actions you want the utility to execute when transferring your photos. As such, you can click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button and begin entering a name, then adding the actions you want to be performed from the ‘Next Step’ menu.

You can execute a script, create a variable, apply EXIF changes, upload the pictures to a FTP server, rotate or scale them, use the DNG converter, and many other options, which will need individual configuration to suit the process you are using them for. The created profile can be used several times over, whenever you need it and edited for the operation at hand.

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