Bywifi Video Streaming Downloader 1.12.13

pagal | 2012 10 22

Žiūrint video patalpintus internete kartais jie striginėja. Tai reiškia, kad mūsų interneto greitis yra lėtas. Tačiau, kad taip neatitiktų atsisiųskite šią programą. Ji paspartins vaizdo įrašų transliaciją ir galėsite žiūrėti video be trukdžių.


An easy-to-use streaming video speeder

Bywifi is an application developed for speeding up video streaming. It supports speeding up, downloading and transcoding videos from any video websites.

Lots of advance network technologies like P2SP(peer-to-server-and-peer), multiple tasks, web sensitive, intelligence caching are used in the software. The bitrate of video streaming is 3-5 times faster with bywifi than without it. Moreover, it can transcode video into mobile formats for mobile phones and PDA.

Here are some key features of „Bywifi Video Streaming Downloader“:

· Speed up Video Streaming:With P2SP, it speeds up downloading speed of video streaming.
· Resume Video Automatically: For the same video, it does not need to buffer again when you close the Web Browser.
· Search Hot Video: You can search video with bywifi. It is easy for u to watch the new, hot and cool video.
· Downloading Video: You can download the video when you watch it. The feature supports IE browser.
· Transcoding Video: You can transcode the video format after downloading the video. The video formats support mobile phone and PDA, such as Nokia, iPhone, SamSung, iPad, iPod, and PSP.


· Internet connection

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