Mozilla Thunderbird 8.0b3 Beta / 7.0.1

pagal | 2011 10 24

Patogi el. pašto programa, leidžianti tvarkyti korespondenciją kompiuteryje. Su ja galėsime laiškus skaityti ir rašyti net tada, kai būsime atsijungę nuo interneto ryšio.



Email client with tabs, great search, and email archiving

Microsoft indeed offers an email client in every single version of Windows, but in case you want better functions, and we’re pretty sure you do, searching for an alternative application is one of the first things to do after installing a fresh copy of the operating system.

Mozilla is already a very popular name in the software market, mostly thanks to the Firefox browser, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince you to have a look at its very own email client.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a powerful email client that inherits a lot of features from its little Firefox browser, coming with add-ons and theme support, plus a bunch of other innovative features.

Just like expected since we’re talking about an email client, Mozilla Thunderbird can be installed in a matter of seconds, but we haven’t yet reached the hard part.

Setting up an account is what could prove to be a bit more difficult, but thanks to Thunderbird’s wizard everything should work like a breeze. All you need to do is to know your email settings and that’s basically it.

As we said, Mozilla Thunderbird can be heavily customized through plug-ins and themes, just like Firefox, so having a look at Mozilla’s add-ons center is a must do. The standard interface is still very clean and pleasant and lets you manage emails pretty fast if everything is in the right place.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Mozilla Thunderbird is very friendly with computer resources, at least as long as don’t install a million of add-ons and tons of themes. The only thing we missed, but of course fixable through a simple extension, was the possibility to minimize Thunderbird to tray.

All in all, Mozilla did it again, and there’s no reason to hate Thunderbird. It has all the things it needs to be a top email client and given the fact that it’s free, you should really give it a try.

French installer
Spanish installer
German installer
Italian installer
Russian installer
Romanian installer
China installer
Hungary installer



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