Snarfer 1.0.2

pagal | 2011 07 26

Su šią programa galėsime sekti svetainių naujienas.


A software that allows users to Subscribe, Read and Manage RSS feeds and content

Snarfer lets users to Read, Subscribe and Manage RSS feeds and content. Snarfer supports RSS/XML/ATOM and presents information to users in a simple to use interface. Snarfer is blazingly fast RSS reader that has intuitive and simple to use interface.

It allows people to become functional with RSS seconds after downloading it. Snarfer focuses on the core functions that the majority of users really want rather then bloat the software with functions that most people won’t use.

Snarfer has a strong community of loyal users providing feedback, features requests and enhancements which allows the Snarfware team to bring out a enhanced version about every 45 days.

Snarfer includes a wide assortment of sample feeds users may choose during the install. After install user may choose from 1000+ feeds with a simple click of the mouse in our Additional Feeds section.

Discover a faster and easier way to read, search and manage information today with Snarfer and leave complicated stuff where it belongs, behind the scenes.

Here are some key features of „Snarfer“:

· Newspaper (river of news) View allows users to view messages of a single feed or folder in a single preview page (configurable in options/view menu)
· Tabbed Windows so users can open multiple messages or links just like the new IE7 and other tabbed browsers
· Embedded Video Support to support sites like Google Video
· Bloglines synchronization so now users can access feeds from anywhere
· Show Only Unread Messages makes reading faster
· Intuitive configurable three pane user interface
· Embedded browser in preview pane with controls
· Expanded Right-Click Mouse Button Menus for quicker access to functions depending on where you place cursor [when in doubt right-click on your mouse to check them out]

· Keyword watches allow users to filter incoming messages into custom folders
· Search toolbar right where it’s needed
· eBay intelligent and persistent search results of auction items
· Craigslist intelligent and persistent search results of items including support for multiple city searching
· Web search using a number of popular RSS/Blog search engines including: Blogdigger, Bloglines, Blogpulse, Feedster, Google Blog Search, IceRocket, MSN Search, and Sphere

· Powerful SQL database for speed, reliability, and functionality
· User configurable folder tree allows users to create folder and subfolders to organize messages and feeds
· Default Search Folders to make saving searches and watches easier
· Drag and drop messages, feeds, and folders
· Automated data management to keep database tidy

· E-mail articles to others
· Export selected feed lists as OPML files and email to others

This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.

What’s New in This Release:

· Auto-discovery of feeds when browsing web sites inside Snarfer.
· Improved discovery of feed icons for display in the folder tree.
· Ability to open new tabs in the background.
· Create watch folders or search for items by tag, title, and author.
· Sort messages in aggregated folder views.
· Detect duplicate message across multiple feed sources.
· Mini toolbar in message view for quick access to right-click functions.
· Open a new empty browser window from the tab right-click menu.
· Easily start Google searches with the new Google Search plugin.
Technical Improvements:
· Working on list ….
Bug Fixes:
· Working on list ….

Reasons why this program is marked as ad-supported:

· Displays advertisements

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