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pagal | 2011 11 07

Programa turi visus reikiamus komponentus, kuriuos galėsite panaudoti saugant, valant ir tikrinant savo kompiuterį. Daugelį apdovanojimų pelniusi programa galės išvalyti registrą, kietąjį diską nuo šiukšlių, stabilizuoti interneto naršykles bei siuntimosi greitį ir panašiai. Pasitelkę programoje esančius optimizavimo įrankius galėsite paspartinti kompiuterį ir sutvarkyti operacinėje sistemoje esančias problemas.


The most easy-to-use, intelligent and powerful next-generation system utility to repair your computer and let your windows fly

Advanced SystemCare is that kind of software that can make you proud for choosing it.

This application is not only supposed to help fix Windows problems, but also to optimize the existing settings, so that the operating system can load and work a lot faster.

Installing the application isn’t such a terrible job, although you are prompted to install a toolbar and some additional software that aren’t necessary in order for Advanced SystemCare to work properly.

If you get past this step, you will see an eye-candy interface with modern elements that will surely guide you through the whole fixing and optimizing process.

The main window provides access to the main functions of the application, so that you can either initiate a “Quick Care”, a “Deep Care”, start a so-called “Turbo Boost” or enter the Toolbox.

The two “care” parts have the power to heal your computer completely, but we’d recommend choosing the Deep one in order to spot any issue that might exist. Both of them are running pretty fast, without stressing up the machine, so it doesn’t really matter which one you pick.

The Toolbox is the icon that opens a whole new dimension, as it holds modules for cleaning, optimizing and repairing Windows issues. Of course, each of them comes with a short description, so that the user will definitely know what he or she is about to do.

Because power users will probably want to give their very own personal touch to the application, there’s also a settings menu with all kinds of options, including one that concerns the overall look. Advanced SystemCare comes with theme support, and beside the ones already included in the app, you can also find more online.

All in all, Advanced SystemCare is a great doctor if there’s something wrong with your machine. This version is freeware, so if you really believe that your computer would need a boost, it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a try.

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