Don’t Sleep 3.33

pagal | 2014 05 03

Don't Sleep screenshot 1 - The main window of Don't Sleep allows you to choose the actions you want to block.

„Don’t Sleep“ programėlė neleis kompiuteriui persikrauti, užmigti, išsijungti, atsijungti nuo vartotojo ar įjungti ekrano užsklandą Jūsų pasirinktu laiku.


Don’t allow your PC to restart or turn off

Don’t Sleep is a tiny but powerful application that prevents your computer from shutting down or initiating any other power-related action.

This program doesn’t require any installation, so that means it is portable. In other words, your Windows registry entries will remain unchanged, but you can also place the tool on an external device and run it on any other computer.

The user interface of Don’t Sleep consists of a small window in which you can select your „blocking“ preference – standby, hybrid standby or hibernation, block shutdown, log off, screensaver or turn off monitor.

Furthermore, you can schedule a „blocking“ task at a specific date and time, as well as select the action – exit and stop blocking, exit and shutdown, exit and aggressive shutdown, exit and standby or hibernation, disable blocking.

In addition, you can set a screensaver timeout, as well as a time for the application to start running. Plus, you can access some Windows utilities such as ‘Task Manager’ and ‘Power Config’.

Atsisiųsti ( 45 KB / Windows OS )

Don't Sleep screenshot 2 - Don't Sleep is a tool that enables you to access the Task Manager and User Accounts window from the System menu.

Don't Sleep screenshot 3 - You can use the software's Options menu to easily modify the program startup.


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