DVD Drive Repair

pagal | 2018 05 17

„DVD Drive Repair „- įrankis, skirtas pradingusios CD/DVD įrenginio ikonėlės atkūrimui bei automatinio paleidimo (angl. „Autorun“) išjungimui saugumo sumetimais.


dvd-drive-repair_1Restore your DVD drive icon if it is missing for various reasons, and secure your PC by disabling the Autorun function, with this straightforward utility

DVD Drive Repair is a useful application that allows you to restore the icon for a CD-ROM or DVD drive that is not recognized by the operating system. You can use this tool on a computer that encountered a hardware problem or a virus attack that prevent it from using the disc drive.

Make sure the driver firmware is up to date

When your DVD drive is not recognized by Windows even if it is functional, you might think about reinstalling the operating system or restoring it to a previously functional version. This tool intends to help you avoid taking radical measures that are time consuming.

You only need to run the program, click on the “Repair” button and reboot the computer in order to fix the problem. It is recommended that you update the device firmware to the latest version before attempting to repair the drive.

Option to reset Autorun settings to prevent possible infections

The program can also reset the Autorun settings to default and protect your system from Autorun viruses by disabling this feature for the removable drives. It does not remove the virus threat but it can help prevent them from infecting the computer by simply plugging in an infected USB storage device.

The interface is very simple and allows you to perform all actions with just a few clicks. You do not have to edit registry keys or go through other complicated settings in order to fix the CD-ROM problem.

To conclude

On an ending note, we recommend that you use DVD Drive Repair as an alternative to buying a new DVD drive or reinstalling the operating system. It is free and it takes less time to give it a try. The overall operation is quite intuitive and doesn’t pose any problems from start to end.

Atsisiųsti ( 1.6 MB/ Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8/ 10 )



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