Exact Duplicate Finder

pagal | 2020 09 30
Exact Duplicate Finder

„Exact Duplicate Finder“ – nedidelis įrankis padės jums surasti (pagal pasirinktus kriterijus) bet kurioje kompiuterio vietoje pasikartojančius failus/katalogus ir juos ištrinti ar perkelti.


Find and delete duplicate files to free up space on the disk, filter files by type, send clones to the trash can or move them somewhere else

Exact Duplicate Finder is a lightweight Windows tool that enables you to look for duplicates effortlessly.

Scan an entire drive or custom folder

The main difference between the big boys on the market and this particular software product is that Exact Duplicate Finder is very easy to use, with just a few options grouped in a single screen.

The plain and simple interface allows you to quickly select the location to be scanned, which can be either a whole drive or a particular folder. You can also choose the file type to look for and skip system folders.

Once the scanning process comes to an end, Exact Duplicate Finder adopts a multi-panel layout to show file groups and locations, giving you the power to quickly remove all duplicates.

Decide what happens to detected items

A byte-by-byte analysis makes sure that the displayed duplicates are indeed identical copies of other files, so you can safely remove them at any given moment.

No administrator privileges are required, unless you’re trying to get rid of some system-protected files, but this action may be a bit dangerous for the overall stability of the system.

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Exact Duplicate Finder, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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